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Project Coordinator

FORMA.Azione started its activity in 1997, specialized in Vocational Training Services. It is an Accredited Regional Training Centre since 2003 and ISO 9001 Certified since 2002, for designing and provision of vocational training services.
It has developed strong relations with local public authorities, private companies, schools and other VET providers, by designing and providing training pathways, mostly financed by ESF, at local and regional level.
Its mission is:

  • to create concrete opportunities for the professional and social development of the target groups, to improve access to training, in particular for low skilled workers, elderly people and women;
  • to support career and individual guidance to encourage self-consciousness in managing careers and active ageing;
  • to promote women’s access to and participation in all levels of the labour market also by combating gender stereotypes in vocational training, career selection and professions.

As FORMA.Azione specific competence is in the Training Cycle and, cooperating with expert and practitioner on the fields, it can work on different economic and professional sectors.

It developed a great experience in QA in VET and Adult Learning sectors, by managing its QA system actually based on the ISO 9001:2008 standards/requirements for designing and provision of vocational training services. It also started experiencing Peer Review in 2010, being involved by Regione Umbria in a workshop at regional level aimed at transferring knowledge on QA in Vet and Peer Review methodology. During the same year, by participating in the Multilateral Partnership “From the Good to the Best”, FORMA.Azione invited Regione Umbria to share with the other partners information and news about Transnational Peer Review. It has been the first step towards the Leonardo da Vinci project P.R.I.S.D.O.Q. LLP-LdV-TOI-11-IT-771, coordinated by FORMA.Azione in 2011-2013 and aimed at facilitating the implementation of Transnational Peer Review, by promoting and experimenting specific strategies at each partner country level.

Further information can be found on: www.azione.com

Sylvia Liuti
Project Coordinator

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Project Manager
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