P2 - Regione Umbria - Direzione Programmazione Servizio Politiche Attive del Lavoro
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Regione Umbria is the Regional Governmental Body who can exclusively legislate and administer its territory in the field of Education and VET, Labour and Employment policies, Social inclusion, Environment and Territory, Agriculture, Economic and Industrial development, Health. Within the Directorate of Planning, Innovation and Competitiveness is included the Active Policies for Employment Services, responsible of VET and AL legislation and planning at regional level, who shares responsibilities on the education sector together with the National Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Labour. It is also responsible for the VET and AL planning phase and the definition of the Annual Programmes for Guidance and Employment. VET and AL provision is resulting from two different but integrated approaches: on one side, the Region issues public calls to orientate and direct the activity of VET and AL providers towards its set objectives, on the other, training providers can propose their own training offer and have it included in the Regional Catalogue of Training Offer.

Further information can be found on: www.regione.umbria.it

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