The Warming-up Strategy is a document produced by partners as a means to achieve the overall objective of initiating Formal and Non-Formal Adult Learning providers to Quality Culture.

It is conceived as a multi-actor and multi-level initiative able to combine activities mainly promotional (such as slogan for Quality, conferences, seminars, production and distribution of informative materials, stickers, etc.) with others more directly aimed at raising the awareness of AL providers and Adult learners on the implications of quality practices on determining quality learning outcomes, also involving them in the Peer Review piloting.

The main objectives of the Warming-up Strategy are the following:

  • promoting a quality culture among all actors involved in Adult learning and Lifelong Learning, through a multi-stakeholder approach;
  • contributing to the development of a common language and a common understanding of Quality in the sector of Adult Education, with specific focus on Non-formal learning*;
  • activating adult learners (also potential ones) about the personal, social and professional benefits of participating in a Quality learning activity, providing them indications on how to evaluate learning opportunities;
  • engaging the key actors of the different domains of Adult Learning, including new potential ones interested in the sector opportunities;
  • raising awareness among the identified actors, specifically those acting in the non-formal and informal areas, about the importance of ensuring an accountable, transparent, comparable and quality Adult learning system at EU level;
  • creating opportunities for AL professionals already involved in Quality Assurance systems to share as peers their experiences and practices to boost continuous improvement in the sector.

  • * Communication from the Commission to the Council, the European Parliament, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions - Action Plan on Adult learning - It is always a good time to learn /* COM/2007/0558 final */).

Avaiable downloads:
· IO1 – Warming-Up Strategy
· IO1 – Warming-Up Strategy – Annex I – Needs and challenges of the adult learning sector
· IO1 – Warming-Up Strategy – Annex II – Analysis of the Questionnaires