Since 1965, 8 September has been proclaimed International Literacy Day by UNESCO, in order to improve awareness across countries on the importance of learning and literacyboth for personal and societal development. To face effectively the challenge of providing quality lifelong learning opportunities to everybody, education has to be intelligently put at the core of the regional policies. Also, it is required the involvement and commitment of all the relevant stakeholders: AL providers, public authorities, trade unions; employers’ associations, enterprises and learners themselves.

This year the focus is on the links between literacy and sustainable societies and, coherently, Europe has issued the New priorities for European cooperation in education and training, as result of the ET2020 mid-term assessment (see link below), in which lifelong learning is explicitly presented as key factor for a more inclusive and non-discriminating Europe. 

PRALINE is working for adopting a Warming-up Strategy (#WUpS) in partners’ countries to raise awareness in beneficiaries and providers on the importance of a quality provision, in terms of transparency, recognition of prior learning, and attention to effective impact and learning outcomes.

Useful links:

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Draft 2015 Joint Report of the Council and the Commission on the implementation of the Strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training (ET2020)New priorities for European cooperation in education and training

Draft 2015 (ET2020)