NEWS / / Questionnaire for Adult Learners

In the process of development of the Warming-up Strategy, partners have decided to develop a Questionnaire to investigate the factors that most of all impact the quality of Adult Education, according to the Adult participants themselves. With the idea of including the point of view of the different categories of beneficiaries of the fragmented Adult Education sector, partners have listed a large variety of educational opportunities, going from Formal courses leading to a qualification to Non-formal learning provision such as cooking and art classes or voluntary activities.


The Questionnaire has been designed also as dissemination tool, presenting a clear description of the different types of AL provision: FORMAL – NON-FORMAL – INFORMAL. By filling in the Questionnaire, adults are expected to deepen the understanding of how and where their learning occurs, indirectly contributing to increase their demand of quality education.  


The Questionnaire has been translated in 7 European languages and is available online in: