NEWS / / EU Agenda for Adult Learning in IT: final report released

Great news everybody: ISFOL, the Italian national research agency, has released the final report to the Commission of the “IT – Implementation of the European Agenda for Adult Learning” initiative. The Agenda highlights the need to increase participation in adult learning of all kinds (formal, non-formal and informal learning) whether to acquire new skills for job, for active citizenship, or for personal development and fulfillment. It is a significant document since it presents the updated state of the art of adult learning Italy, in terms of national policy, statistics and best practices.

The project had two main objective: on one side it aimed at raising awareness among national and local stakeholders on the priorities of the European agenda (AL) and, on the other, at sharing good practices in order to promote the transferability in less developed areas. The content related to the adult learning process had a two-fold approach: by themes and by territory and it used the focus group methodology organized in various parts of the country. One of the interesting reflections that emerged was the need to overcome the experimental phase, especially the one related to new technologies and the acknowledgement of previous experiences in AL. Moreover, there is a need to establish a system of governance that includes various stakeholders with a central role of the public administration.

The report includes also a questionnaire as tool for collecting relevant experiences and 65 good practices experienced in the national territory and present in the Adult Learning database.

For additional information about the sector from PRALINE countries, please check the Warming-Up Strategy and the available annexes – updated to 2015:

  • a focus on the needs and challenges of the adult learning sector

  • the analysis of questionnaires delivered both to adult learners and adult education professional within partners’ networks