Calendar / 21-23 Sep / PRALINE goes to The Netherlands

The Coordinator of the PRALINE project is proud to announce that it has been invited to the Thematic Seminar on "Quality Assurance in VET through Culture of Quality and Learning" hosted by the Dutch National Agency ERASMUS+ in association with the National Reference Point EQAVET in The Netherlands.

The event is going to be held on the 21st-23rd September 2016 and focused on the following themes:

  1. quality systems/ tools, like audit, self-evaluation;
  2. action plans as the result of planning;
  3. awareness of individuals of what quality is for them and their role in quality development;
  4. the ideas teacher teams/ groups have/ share what they understand as quality and what they want for quality in the future. Ownership of quality by teacher teams is the focus.

Registrations open till 1st of September.

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