NEWS / 10 May / International Conference:


International Conference

Adult Education and Learning: Putting Quality into Action


10 May 2017 – 10.30-14.00

Regione Umbria - Sede di Bruxelles/Brussels Office

Rond Point Schuman, 14 - 1040 Bruxelles


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Apertura dei lavori
Opening of the Conference
Catiuscia Marini – President of Regione Umbria



Introduzione al Progetto PRALINE
Introduction to the PRALINE project
Sylvia Liuti – FORMA.Azione



Introduzione al tema
Introduction to the theme
Dana Bachmann – DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion - Head of unit in charge of VET, Apprenticeships and Adult Learning



Focus sulla Qualità – sviluppi recenti a livello europeo
Focus on Quality – recent developments at EU level
Joachim James Calleja - CEDEFOP Director



1° Panel – Restituzione della sperimentazione della metodologia di Valutazione tra Pari Europea e presentazione dell’Analisi Qualitativa (Intellectual Output 4)
Panel on the piloting of the European Peer Review methodology and presentation of the final Qualitative Analysis (Intellectual Output 4)
Presentation of the Qualitative Analysis by Chiara Palazzetti – FORMA.Azione
Representatives from Peers and organizations from the piloting in PT, IT, LT, FR, MT

Moderatore/moderator: Leena Koski - Counsellor of Education, Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI), EQAVET Finnish NRP, EQAVET Steering committee member, Senior expert on quality assurance in education and training .


2° Panel – Politiche e pratiche per lo sviluppo di una Cultura della Qualità e l’implementazione della Valutazione tra Pari Europea nell’Educazione per Adulti formale e non-formale (Intellectual Output 5)

Policies and practices for developing a Quality Culture and implementing the European Peer Review in Formal and Non-formal AL (Intellectual Output 5)
Presentation of the Recommendations by Antonietta Petetti – Regione Umbria
Arancha Oviedo – EQAVET Secretariat
Susana Oliveira - EAEA Vice President
Jankó Tamás – Hungarian Ministry for National Economy, Deputy State Secretariat for VET and AL

Moderatore/moderator: Ismene Tramontano - EQAVET Italian NRP 



Conclusions by Tatjana Babrauskiene – International Secretary of FLESTU, ESSDE Representative, VET and AE expert.


A seguire / Following

Buffet per tutti i partecipanti / Light lunch buffet for all the participants