Overview / PRALINE Project

PRALINE aims at developing innovative and sustainable initiatives to support Adult Learning providers, specifically those of the non-formal domain, in approaching Quality Assurance in their organization and training provision. Indeed Quality culture, intended as aware focus on learning outcomes, sector professionals' training, resources, models of management, organizational patterns, is a priority in the EU Agenda for AL aimed at ensuring the "possibilities for adults to access high-quality learning opportunities, regardless of gender and their personal and family circumstances".

Partners have developed a twofold strategy to contribute to the improvement of Quality in Formal, Non-Formal and Informal Adult learning provision.

On one side, with the objective of widening adults’ participation to educational opportunities, PRALINE will work to raise awareness about the positive impact of education in terms of personal and professional development, as well as social integration. Indeed, through the Warming-up Strategy, a set of activities and initiatives will be implemented in each involved country targeting at the same time current learners, educational professionals and adults at large as potential learners.

On the other, partners will work at the adaptation of the European Peer Review methodology for the Adult Learning sector. In their experience, it represents an effective Quality Assurance methodology, based on a bottom-up approach and able to involve in Quality Culture also not-structured AL providers, often unfamiliar with other forms of external evaluation.