P8 – C.I.O.F.S. Formazione Professionale
Project Partner

CIOFS-FP is a non profit association. It pays great attention to the Labour World and the Vocational Training. CIOFS-FP operates in 13 Italian Regions through its Local Boards with about 70 Operative Centres. The Association covers a good number of activities such as: vocational training, orienting, services to local enterprises and particular needs. It provides training, workshops, transnational exchanges, research and work-oriented services. Adolescents, youth, women, unemployed people, immigrants, prisoners, dropouts, are the beneficiaries of such activities. The National Centre is located in Rome. Its main tasks are: co-ordination, teachers/trainers training, supply of technical and project aids. It is part of national and European networks. It also manages vocational services on requests from both public and private financing Boards.

Further information can be found on: www.ciofs-fp.org

Francesca Di Paolantonio
Project Officer
+39 657299142

Via di San Saba, 14
Roma (IT)