P3 – Lietuvos svietimo profesine sajunga (LETU)
Project Partner

LETU is the largest trade union organisation for education employees in Lithuania with about 9000 members and with over 20% unionization rate. The Union is the only education trade union organisation in Lithuania uniting workers in all fields of education, ranging from pre-primary teachers to lecturers and researchers in universities and vocational school teachers. The Union is actively engaged in promoting the overall professional and trade union interests of its members at all levels – national, regional and institutional. The LETU is politically independent and is deeply committed to working to influence the education policy of the Government and employers. The LETU also believes that the best way to deal with issues affecting teachers is by members getting involved in union policy.

It is a member of the Federation of Lithuanian Education and Science Trade Unions (FLESTU), which is the largest member union of Lithuanian Trade Union Confederation (LPSK). The FLESTU is the member of Education International (EI) and European Trade Union Committee for Education (ETUCE).

LETU worked for the past 5 years in the Lithuanian Republic to implement Social Partnership in the field of LLL and to generate the model of the involvement of social partners in LLL and VET policy design. The focus of the work in the projects of trade union was to generate a clearer overview of the factors which influence the quality of VET and the current situation of social partners participation in creating a positive effect on employment rates and also to examine the successful design and management of high performance work-based lifelong learning processes and make recommendations on how to increase the involvement of social partners in VET strategies design.

Further information can be found on: www.svietimoprofsajunga.lt

Tatjana Babrauskiene
International Secretary
+37 (0)65756287

J. Jasinskio g. 9-413
Vilnius (LT)