P7 – Observatory Centre for Educational Development – Budapesti Corvinius University
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The Observatory Centre for Educational Development (OED) operates at Corvinus University of Budapest (CUB). CUB considers international value creation and value intermediation its mission that it aims to implement within the framework of teaching, research and advisory activities. Each of the 6 faculties (Business Administration, Economics, Social Sciences, Food Science, Horticultural Science, Landscape Architecture), by means of its own professional knowledge, contributes to the research enhancing the quality of life.

The Faculty of Social Sciences has been rated to be the country’s leading university institution for study of the social sciences. The staff’s outstanding teaching quality and the innovation of its research are responsible for the academic reputation. Departments explore theoretical developments and apply social science research to practical concerns in teaching. The four institutes are centres for undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs. We pride ourselves as having an important role in training teachers, including future university teachers. We not only conduct research in the social science but also encourage our researchers to collaborate with other internationally renowned universities and extend the boundaries of social science research across disciplines.

OED is a research centre within the Institute of Behavioural Science and Communication Theory of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Corvinus University. The institute – among others – offers initial and in-service teacher training courses, as well as shorter training programmes for teachers working in secondary or higher education. The main topics of these courses include active and cooperative learning methods, self-directed learning, and trainings developing communication, conflict managing and problem solving skills.

Further information can be found on: www.uni-corvinus.hu - http://observatory.org.hu/

Lidia Vincze
Project Officer
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Fovam Ter, 8
Budapest (HU)