NEWS / 4 May / National Conference “Qualidade ao Serviço da Educação de Adultos “Revisão por Pares” uma proposta inovadora?”

CECOA - Centro de Formação Profissional para o Comércio e Afins hosted a national multiplier event in Lisbon on the 4th May 2017 aiming at, disseminating PRALINE results, presenting the methodology “European Peer Review in Adult Learning" as well as reporting the results of the pilot testing carried out in Portugal in 4 entities providing Adult Learning opportunities: CECOA, CENFIC, CINEL e KERIGMA

It was also an objective to raise awareness to the importance of a "quality culture" and how this methodology can be an asset in the quality efforts of entities offering adult learning opportunities (whether formal or non-formal) as well as its compatibility with existing quality assurance systems already in place in Portugal.

It was also intended to share with the audience recent developments in Adult Learning (at national and European level), on the one hand, and in Quality, on the other hand, reason why this event foresee the participation of entities with responsibilities and action in these two domains: EAEA, APCEP, ANQEP, DGERT.

Take a look in the programme of the event.

Also the presentations made by the different speakers are available. Find them below!

Cristina Dimas, CECOA

Susana Oliveira, EAEA

Maria João Alves, ANQEP

Margarida Abreu, DGERT

Teresa Guimarães - Susana Gonçalves, CITEFORMA